5 Years – I´m still standing or how to tame a predator

Phew. 5 years. What a long time that somehow feels long and yet so short. Yes, here it is, my annual blog post. I had to realize that I didn’t publish anything in 2022 and 2023 even though I wrote it.

I still remember when I married Tina how I felt finally having arrived in life. Finally. That feeling was indescribable. Just as indescribable as the day five years ago that turned my world completely upside down. I still remember how I felt back then, as if the world had become quiet and dark. The purpose I had was gone. My life was in disarray. And yet, it was my duty to be strong. To be there for my children. To give them hope, comfort, confidence, empathy, and stability.

But from all of this, I have taken a lot. I’m still standing. I am grateful for so many things. For my wonderful children, my brother and his friends who have become mine. My friends who are always there for me (believe me, I know you’re there). My neighbors who always support me. My colleagues and the company that continuously supports me. And of course, for my family. For my grief counselor Birgit who picked up my pieces.

The quote I’m about to cite is nerdy, but it’s also a lesson I’ve learned:

„Someone once told me that time is like a predator stalking its prey throughout our lives. I prefer to think that time is our companion, who walks with us on our journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. Ultimately… we’re all mortal.“ – Picard, Jean-Luc

That’s exactly it. Time is a companion. One should appreciate it and enjoy its presence. Try to savor every moment. That doesn’t mean being driven to get everything out of time or thinking in superlatives, higher, faster, further. But to live consciously. To be content with what one has. But also not to stand still or go backwards. Instead, to look ahead and see what time has in store for you.

A second quote that someone gave me is:

„Follow your compass not your clock.“

As simple as the quote may sound at first, it’s profound. And it echoes the sentiment of Picard’s quote. It’s not so important what the clock says, but what your gut says. Where is the journey going if one is only driven by time?

That’s exactly what I see as the greatest challenge in passing on to my children. Appreciation for what one has. Contentment with oneself and one’s surroundings. Accepting what has happened and learning from it and growing.

The world is no longer as quiet and dark as it was five years ago. Why? Because of you, the one reading this!